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Garden Great in Zone 8!

This Morning’s Harvest

We had a very mild winter here in middle Georgia, so I was not sure that any peonies would bloom. But here’s what I found this morning, along with two heads of lettuce that are ready to eat!   


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Spring for the Green!

Hi friends! I hope you have been enjoying the rain here in zone 8. Everything looks very green outside! Just in time for spring for the green, the annual party for Trees Columbus. The party is on Tuesday, April 21 at 5:30 PM at the Spencer Environmental Center in Columbus. Please let me know if you need to buy a raffle ticket! They are $100, and you will be entered to win $10,000. The raffle ticket gets two people into the party.  Beer (and wine), barbecue, and Bluegrass and NO speeches! I’m busy baking the desserts—lemon bars, cookies and other goodies.   Thanks, White Oak Pastures and Loree Abell for the eggs! Now, those shells will go into the yard and provide my tomatoes with calcium to prevent blossom end rot. Happy gardening!

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Take that, slugs!

It has been a busy time in zone 8. Some tomatoes are in the ground. Some aren’t. Zinnias are mostly planted, and I can’t wait until the basil is big  enough to eat. I will do an update this weekend! But I did want to show you the amazing and magical thing Amazon Prime delivered today. 100 feet of copper mesh, which will keep slugs off of my plants. It’s on now, slugs! Boom!


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Cover Them!

Hi friends! Long time no post. It’s been super busy here in zone 8. Daffodils have bloomed, dogwoods are blossoming, and warm season grasses are getting green. I started my veggie seeds a while back — everything is growing well!  For the past week or so, I had them outside hardening off. But we have a frost warning, so I brought them in. Please do the same! More soon!  

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