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Seed Starting Update

on February 26, 2013

Hello, friends.  I planted my tomato seeds in late January/early February, and I promised you an update.  I hope your own seedlings are doing well.  Here is how mine are doing:

Tomato Seedlings as of February 25, 2013

Tomato Seedlings as of February 25, 2013

As you can see, most of them sprouted and have developed at least one set of real leaves.  Unfortunately, no Green Zebras or Sweet Millions have emerged, so I have to decide whether to plant some late seeds.  If I do (and if they actually germinate this time), then the plants will not be ready to plant outside until April.

Here is my second flat, which has tomatoes and peppers and was planted a couple weeks after the first flat:

Jack "warms" the tomato and pepper seedlings.

Jack “warms” the tomato and pepper seedlings.

My cat Jack decided that bottom shelf under the shop light/on top of the seedlings would be a great place to nap.  Oh, well.  Most of the tomatoes had barely emerged, so I did not lose any.  I’ve yet to see a pepper, which concerns me a little.  Perhaps I need to bring out the heat mat.

By the way, the local big box stores already have tomatoes!  Right now, there are not too many varieties.  I’m fairly sure that the ground is too cold for tomatoes (they need a ground temperature of 60° F), plus the weather folks predict that we will have frost this weekend in some parts of Middle Georgia.  But if you just can’t resist buying a tomato plant, at least go ahead and replant it in a gallon pot and keep it watered.  If you don’t have a cold frame, bring that baby inside on Saturday.

Happy growing!


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